Hardware and Platforms

XNA Game Studio 3.0

See the following sections for details about programming for the various hardware and platforms that are supported by the XNA Framework.

In This Section

How To: Write Games for Less Capable Hardware
Demonstrates how to write games for a variety of computer configurations. Specifically, this topic addresses ways to write a game so it will work on high-end hardware, yet continue to give adequate performance when the game is run on a computer that is less capable.
Xbox 360 Programming
Provides detailed information about the capabilities of the Xbox 360 hardware, and considerations that should be taken when programming games for the Xbox 360 platform. Includes a reference for Xbox 360–specific HLSL attributes and inline microcode.
Zune Programming
Provides information about Zune hardware capabilities and discusses Zune platform game programming.
.NET Compact Framework for Xbox 360
Provides information on developing XNA Game Studio applications using the C# language and the .NET Compact Framework for Xbox 360.

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