Connected Services Framework 3.0 SP1

The Samples provide complete working applications showing how to use Connected Services Framework (CSF) to build distributed applications and services. To view the samples, click the following links:

Hello World Sample. The Hello World Sample provides a very simple introduction to using CSF. This demonstrates creating a session, routing a message to a participant using the session and then receiveing the response message. Finally, you can use this sample to terminate the session that you created.

Intercept Sample. The Intercept Sample expands on the Hello World Sample by adding an intercept participant to the session. The intercept is used to convert values from metric into imperial, before the message is routed to the destination. The response message is then returned to the client.

Synchronous Web Client Sample. The Synchronous Web Client Sample demonstrates how to use a synchronous ASP.NET application with the asynchonous nature of session. This samples uses AutoResetEvent events to reconcile the request and response as a single transaction, allowing the ASP.NET application to continue as if a synchronous request and response had occured.

Stock Quote Service Samples. The Stock Quote Service Samples demonstrate using a Service Logic participant to apply actions to messages according to business logic. The Identity Manager and the Intercept Stock Quote Service Samples expand on this scenario by using the Identity Manager Component and by adding an Intercept participant respectively.

Important Security Notice

The sample code in the provided source files and documentation is not to be used unmodified in a production environment.

This code does not follow security best practices.

In production code, authentication credentials must be retrieved at runtime from a secure location and transmitted over secure transport.

For conciseness and understandability of the sample code, many of the samples demonstrating use of security features do not store, retrieve, and transmit authentication credentials in a secure manner.