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TimephasedDataType Elements and XML Structure

Office 2007

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This section contains information about elements in the TimephasedDataType complex type defined in the Microsoft Office Project 2007 XML Data Interchange Schema (mspdi_pj12.xsd). The TimephasedData element is of type TimephasedDataType that represents timephased data, for example, the number of hours of work per day over a period of days. Task, Resource, Assignment, and Baseline elements can include TimephasedData.

The following shows the XML structure of the elements defined by the TimephasedDataType schema section of mspdi_pj12.xsd. The data type is indicated for those elements that require a text value. You can find more detailed information about valid text values for each element in the documentation annotations that are embedded in the XML Schema for the TimephasedDataType Complex Type.




    <Start >dateTime</Start>





For more information about the data types used in the Project 2007 XML Data Interchange Schema, see Introduction to Project XML Data.