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Project Data Interchange Elements

Office 2007

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This section contains information about the elements defined by the Project XML Data Interchange Schema, as well as additional XML elements used by Microsoft Office Project 2007 to represent custom field values.

This topic includes the following sections:

The Project Data Interchange Schema is included in the Project 2007 SDK download. For a link to the Project 2007 SDK download, see Welcome to the Microsoft Office Project 2007 SDK.

For a list of all elements in the schema, see Alphabetical List of Elements and Types.

Many elements in the Project Data Interchange Schema represent data fields in Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007. For more information about fields in Project Professional 2007 and Project Standard 2007, see Fields Reference.

General Element Structure

The following outline shows the high-level XML element structure of the Microsoft Office Project 2007 XML Data Interchange Schema (mspdi_pj12.xsd). Links in the outline go to individual element descriptions. For the XML structure of each of the following elements, see Detailed Element Structure.


    <!-- … additional child elements of Project -->

    <OutlineCodes> … </OutlineCodes>

    <WBSMasks> … </WBSMasks>

    <ExtendedAttributes> … </ExtendedAttributes>

    <Calendars> … </Calendars>

    <Tasks> … </Tasks>

    <Resources> … </Resources>

    <Assignments> … </Assignments>


Detailed Element Structure