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Testing the ERP Connector

Office 2007

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You must test the ERP Connector Solution Starter for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 after you modify it and before you install it on a production Project Server system, to ensure that the components behave as you expect. Testing includes setting up test scenarios and running acceptance tests, and ensuring that the modules properly handle errors in data or configuration.

  • Test Scenarios describes the series of tests that you should perform to verify plug-in behavior, using the SAPHRPlugIn component as an example.

  • Acceptance Tests explains the recommended acceptance tests for the SAPHRPlugIn component and the expected results.

  • Additional Tests include testing for errors such as unsupported XML tags, bad input data, incorrect configuration of the ERP Connector, and incompatible lookup tables.

  • Test Case Reference includes a list of tests for project creation using data from the mySAP ERP Financials CO and PS subsystems (internal orders and project/task accounting) and Project Server work actuals data exported to the mySAP ERP Financials solution.