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A MultiPoint is a collection of zero or more points. The boundary of a MultiPoint instance is empty.

The following example creates a geometry MultiPoint instance with SRID 23 and two points: one point with the coordinates (2, 3), one point with the coordinates (7, 8), and a Z value of 9.5.

DECLARE @g geometry;
SET @g = geometry::STGeomFromText('MULTIPOINT((2 3), (7 8 9.5))', 23);

This MultiPoint instance can also be expressed using STMPointFromText() as shown below.

DECLARE @g geometry;
SET @g = geometry::STMPointFromText('MULTIPOINT((2 3), (7 8 9.5))', 23);

The following example uses the method STGeometryN() to retrieve a description of the first point in the collection.

SELECT @g.STGeometryN(1).STAsText();

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