This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Handle the MouseDoubleClick Event for Each Item in a ListView

To handle an event for an item in a ListView, you need to add an event handler to each ListViewItem. When a ListView is bound to a data source, you don't explicitly create a ListViewItem, but you can handle the event for each item by adding an EventSetter to a style of a ListViewItem.

The following example creates a data-bound ListView and creates a Style to add an event handler to each ListViewItem.

<!--XmlDataProvider is defined in a ResourceDictionary, 
    such as Window.Resources-->
<XmlDataProvider x:Key="InventoryData" XPath="Books">
        <Books xmlns="">
            <Book ISBN="0-7356-0562-9" Stock="in" Number="9">
                <Title>XML in Action</Title>
                <Summary>XML Web Technology</Summary>
            <Book ISBN="0-7356-1370-2" Stock="in" Number="8">
                <Title>Programming Microsoft Windows With C#</Title>
                <Summary>C# Programming using the .NET Framework</Summary>
            <Book ISBN="0-7356-1288-9" Stock="out" Number="7">
                <Title>Inside C#</Title>
                <Summary>C# Language Programming</Summary>
            <Book ISBN="0-7356-1377-X" Stock="in" Number="5">
                <Title>Introducing Microsoft .NET</Title>
                <Summary>Overview of .NET Technology</Summary>
            <Book ISBN="0-7356-1448-2" Stock="out" Number="4">
                <Title>Microsoft C# Language Specifications</Title>
                <Summary>The C# language definition</Summary>


<!--The Style is defined in a ResourceDictionary, 
    such as Window.Resources-->
<Style TargetType="ListViewItem">
    <EventSetter Event="MouseDoubleClick" Handler="ListViewItem_MouseDoubleClick"/>


<ListView ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource InventoryData}, XPath=Book}">
            <GridViewColumn Width="300" Header="Title" 
                            DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding XPath=Title}"/>
            <GridViewColumn Width="150" Header="ISBN" 
                            DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding XPath=@ISBN}"/>

The following example handles the MouseDoubleClick event.

void ListViewItem_MouseDoubleClick(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)

    XmlElement book = ((ListViewItem) sender).Content as XmlElement;

    if (book == null)

    if (book.GetAttribute("Stock") == "out")
        MessageBox.Show("Time to order more copies of " + book["Title"].InnerText);
        MessageBox.Show(book["Title"].InnerText + " is available.");

Although it is most common to bind a ListView to a data source, you can use a style to add an event handler to each ListViewItem in a non-data-bound ListView regardless of whether you explicitly create a ListViewItem. For more information about explicitly and implicitly created ListViewItem controls, see "Item Container Classes" in Controls Content Model Overview.