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CrmTypes Class (SdkTypeProxy)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Contains methods that are used to instantiate types.

The CrmTypes class exposes the following members.

Static MethodDescription
CreateColumnSetInstantiate a column set type.
CreateCrmBooleanInstantiate a Boolean type.
CreateCrmBooleanPropertyInstantiate a Boolean property type.
CreateCrmDateTimeInstantiate a date time type.
CreateCrmDateTimeFromUniversalInstantiate a date time type from a universal time.
CreateCrmDateTimeFromUserInstantiate a date time type from a time in the user's time zone.
CreateCrmDateTimePropertyInstantiate a date time property type.
CreateCrmDecimalInstantiate a decimal type.
CreateCrmDecimalPropertyInstantiate a decimal property type.
CreateCrmFloatInstantiate a float type.
CreateCrmFloatPropertyInstantiate a float property type.
CreateCrmMoneyInstantiate a money type.
CreateCrmMoneyPropertyInstantiate a money property type.
CreateCrmNumberInstantiate a number type.
CreateCrmNumberPropertyInstantiate a number property type.
CreateCustomerInstantiate a customer type.
CreateCustomerPropertyInstantiate a customer property type.
CreateDynamicEntityArrayPropertyInstantiate a dynamic entity array property type.
CreateEntityArrayInstantiate an entity array type.
CreateEntityNameReferenceInstantiate an entity name reference type.
CreateEntityNameReferencePropertyInstantiate an entity name reference property type.
CreateGuidInstantiate a Guid type.
CreateKeyInstantiate a key type.
CreateKeyPropertyInstantiate a key property type.
CreateLookupInstantiate a lookup type.
CreateLookupPropertyInstantiate a lookup property type.
CreateMonikerInstantiate a Moniker type.
CreateOwnerInstantiate a owner type.
CreateOwnerPropertyInstantiate a owner property type.
CreatePicklistInstantiate a picklist type.
CreatePicklistPropertyInstantiate a picklist property type.
CreateSecurityPrincipalInstantiate a security principal type.
CreateStatePropertyInstantiate a state property type.
CreateStatusInstantiate a status type.
CreateStatusPropertyInstantiate a status property type.
CreateStringPropertyInstantiate a string property type.
CreateUniqueIdentifierInstantiate a unique identifier type.
CreateUniqueIdentifierPropertyInstantiate a unique identifier property type.

Static PropertyDescription
MaxDateTimeGet the maximum date time value.
MinDateTimeGet the minimum date time value.


Namespace: Microsoft.Crm.SdkTypeProxy

Assembly: Microsoft.Crm.SdkTypeProxy.dll

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