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SavedQueryType Class (Sdk Assembly)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The SavedQueryType class contains integer flags to set the savedquery.querytype or userquery.querytype attribute. Although the attribute may accept any value, these are the valid values.

This class does not need instantiation or initialization because the fields represent constant integer values. These values are intended to be used when setting entity attribute values.

The SavedQueryType class exposes the following members.

AdvancedSearch 1Specifies an advanced search.
LookupView 64Specifies a lookup view.
MainApplicationView = 0Specifies the main application view.
MaSearch 32Specifies the marketing automation query.
OfflineFilters 16Specifies a Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook with Offline Access filter query.
OutlookFilters 256Specifies a Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook filter query.
QuickfindSearch 4Specifies a quick find query.
Reporting 8Specifies a reporting query.
SmAppointmentbookView 128Specifies the service management appointment book view.
SubGrid 2Specifies a sub-grid.


This class can also be found in SDK\Helpers\CS\CrmHelpers\enums.cs. See CrmHelpers Classes.


Namespace: Microsoft.Crm.Sdk

Assembly: Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.dll

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