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SdkMessageProcessingStepRegistration Class (CrmService)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Contains configuration information for a step in the event execution pipeline. A step defines the information and conditions under which a plug-in should be executed.

The SdkMessageProcessingStepRegistration class exposes the following members.

SdkMessageProcessingStepRegistrationInitializes a new instance of the SdkMessageProcessingStepRegistration class.

Instance PropertyDescription
CustomConfigurationGets or sets an optional string which is passed as a parameter to the plug-in constructor.
DescriptionGets or sets a description of the plug-in.
FilteringAttributesGets or sets the attributes that must be changed for the plug-in to be invoked.
ImagesGets or sets an array of property images that are to be made available in the plug-in.
ImpersonatingUserIdGets or sets the ID of the system user whose account the plug-in is to execute under.
InvocationSourceGets or sets whether the plug-in is to execute by a parent or child pipeline.
MessageNameGets or sets the name of the message for which the plug-in should execute.
ModeGets or sets the mode of plug-in execution in the event execution pipeline.
PluginTypeFriendlyNameGets or sets a human friendly name for the plug-in type.
PluginTypeNameGets or sets the plug-in type name that is defined in the plug-in assembly.
PrimaryEntityNameGets or sets the target entity name for which the plug-in is to be executed.
SecondaryEntityNameGets or sets the name of the secondary entity.
StageGets or sets the stage in the event execution pipeline that the plug-in is to be registered for.
SupportedDeploymentGets or sets the deployment location.


Web Service: CrmService

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