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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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A license is required when you install Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It specifies how many users can be enabled. If a user is disabled, the license for that user is released and can be used by another user. The type of license for a user can be found in the systemuser.accessmode property. This property is a picklist that can have one of the following values found in the SystemUserAccessMode class.

Full0Specifies full access.
ReadOnly2Specifies read-only access.
SetupUser1Specifies the administrative user with access to run setup.
SupportUser3Specifies a user with access to perform support operations.

If a user has administrator access mode, the systemuser.setupuser property will contain the value Yes.

A server license will only check whether you can install the software. A client access license (CAL) will determine how many users can access the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server after it is installed. The type of license also determines the number of users allowed for each access mode.

LicenseNumber of Users Allowed
Workgroup5 full users

0 read-only users

Unlimited administrative users



Unlimited full users

Unlimited read-only users

Unlimited administrative users

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