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Publishing a Report

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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To publish a report to Microsoft Dynamics CRM means to create a new report or update an existing report definition in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The report can be shown and run under different report categories, such as Marketing, Sales, or Service and in different report areas, such as Report grid, entity form, or entity grid. It can have multiple related entities. If the report has child reports, you have to publish the parent report and all related child reports.


To publish a report of type Reporting Services Report you must have prvPublishRSReport and prvCreateReport privileges for the report entity. You do not need the prvPublishRSReport privilege to publish a report of type Other Report or type Linked Report. If the report is associated with the related report categories, report entities, and report areas, you must also have prvAppendReport and prvAppendToReport privileges for the report entity. By default, the System Administrator and System Customizer security roles have these privileges.

Ownership and sharing

The reports can be organization-owned or user-owned. If a report is organization-owned it is visible to the whole organization. If the report is user-owned, you can share the report with other users and teams.

There are two ways to change the ownership of a report. One is to use the Update message and set the report.ispersonal property to a desired value. For organization-owned, set the property to false; for user-owned set it to true. The other way is to use the MakeAvailableToOrganizationReport and MakeUnavailableToOrganizationReport messages. Changes in ownership cascade from a parent report to child reports. If you make a parent report organization-owned, all its children reports also become organization-owned regardless of their previous ownership type.

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