Writing Reporting Services Reports
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Writing Reporting Services Reports

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Find the latest SDK documentation: CRM 2015 SDK

Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes many system reports that display relevant business data. To decrease the development time, you can download and customize these reports to fit your business requirements. You can also use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report Wizard to create the reports. If the wizard reports do not exactly fit your requirements, you can use Microsoft Visual Studio to make necessary modifications. If you cannot modify the reports to achieve the desired functionality, you have to create the reports without the wizard by using other development tools, such as text editor or Visual Studio.

Note    If you run the reports on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you must use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report Wizard to create the reports. You cannot use any other development tools, such as Visual Studio or text editors.

This section discusses the information and techniques that can be used to create Microsoft Dynamics CRM specific reports.

In This Section

Using Parameters

Read about the hidden parameters in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports and how to use them.

Working with Complex Queries

Learn how to create and edit complex queries.

Using Filters in a Report

Find out how to limit the data that is presented in a report by adding filters.

Formatting Content

Learn how to format time, date and other values in the report.

Report Navigation

Read about specific techniques in the report navigation.


Learn about common techniques in implementing reports.

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