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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Introduction to Pure Functional Transformations

This section introduces functional transformations, including the underlying concepts and supporting language constructs. It contrasts the object-oriented and functional transformation approaches to programming, including advice on how to transition to the latter. Although functional transformations can be used in many programming scenarios, XML transformation is used here as a concrete example.



Concepts and Terminology (Functional Transformation)

Introduces the concepts and terminology of pure functional transformations.

Functional Programming vs. Imperative Programming

Compares and contrasts functional programming to more traditional imperative (procedural) programming.

Refactoring Into Pure Functions

Introduces pure functions, and shows examples of and pure and impure functions.

Applicability of Functional Transformation

Describes typical scenarios for functional transformations.

Functional Transformation of XML

Describes functional transformations in the context of transforming XML trees.