This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Sample XML File: Test Configuration in a Namespace

The following XML file is used in various examples in the LINQ to XML documentation. This is a test configuration file. The XML is in a namespace. 

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Tests xmlns="">
  <Test TestId="0001" TestType="CMD">
    <Name>Convert number to string</Name>
  <Test TestId="0002" TestType="CMD">
    <Name>Find succeeding characters</Name>
  <Test TestId="0003" TestType="GUI">
    <Name>Convert multiple numbers to strings</Name>
    <CommandLine>Examp2.EXE /Verbose</CommandLine>
    <Output>One Two Three</Output>
  <Test TestId="0004" TestType="GUI">
    <Name>Find correlated key</Name>
  <Test TestId="0005" TestType="GUI">
    <Name>Count characters</Name>
    <Input>This is a test</Input>
  <Test TestId="0006" TestType="GUI">
    <Name>Another Test</Name>
    <Input>Test Input</Input>