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UriTemplate Sample

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The UriTemplate class provides methods for working with sets of URIs that share a common structure. This sample demonstrates the following key concepts relating to UriTemplate:

  • Syntax for creating templates.

  • Instantiating URIs from a UriTemplate using BindByName and BindByPosition.

  • Match, which is the inverse operation of BindByName and BindByPosition.

This sample requires that .NET Framework version 3.5 is installed to build and run. Visual Studio 2008 is required to open the project and solution files.

To set up, build, and run the sample

  1. Ensure that you have performed the One-Time Set Up Procedure for the Windows Communication Foundation Samples.

  2. To build the C# or Visual Basic .NET edition of the solution, follow the instructions in Building the Windows Communication Foundation Samples.

  3. To run the sample in a single- or cross-machine configuration, follow the instructions in Running the Windows Communication Foundation Samples.

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