Issue Element (ssbdiagnose)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Reports an issue that was found by the ssbdiagnose utility. The ssbdiagnose XML output file has one Issue element per issue reported.


typeIdentifies which category of problem the Issue element is reporting:

 "Diagnosis" Reports a configuration issue found when you analyze a Service Broker configuration.

 "Problem" Reports an issue that has prevented ssbdiagnose from completing its analysis. Correct the problem and rerun ssbdiagnose.

 "Event" Reports a SQL Server Profiler event found when you run a -RUNTIME check. Events are only reported if -SHOWEVENTS is specified.
codeIdentifies the error number for the message.
serverIdentifies the instance of the Database Engine in which the problem was found. If the problem was in a default instance, the server attribute only has the computer name. If the problem was in a named instance, the server attribute is in the form ComputerName\InstanceName.
databaseIdentifies the name of the database in which the problem was found.
objectIdentifies the name of the object in which the problem was found. If the problem was an instance or database level issue, the object attribute repeats the instance or database name.
Data type and lengthstring, length is unlimited.
ValueReturns the text of the error message.
OccurrenceOnce per reported error.
Parent elementDiagnosticInformation Element (ssbdiagnose)
Child elementsNone

This element reports an 1102 error for a database that does not have a master key, where the error was found when you analyzed a Service Broker configuration.

<Issue type="Diagnosis" code="1102" server="TestComputer" database="TargetDB" object="TargetDB">The master key was not found</diagnostic>  

ssbdiagnose Utility (Service Broker)

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