How to: Select a Chart Type

When you first insert a chart into a report, the Select Chart Type dialog appears. If you cancel this dialog, a Column chart type is added by default.

At any point when designing the report, you can change the chart type to something more suitable to the report. It is important to select the correct chart type for your data so that it can be interpreted correctly. You should understand each chart type's characteristics to determine what chart type is best suited for your data. For more information, see Chart Types.

When multiple series are displayed on a chart, you may want to change the chart type of an individual series. You can only change the chart type of an individual series if the chart type is Area, Column, Line, or Scatter. For all other chart types, all series in your chart will be changed to the selected chart type.

To change the chart type

  1. In Design view, right-click the chart and then click Change Chart Type.


    When there are multiple series on a chart, you must right-click on the series, not the chart, which you want to change.

  2. In the Chart Type dialog box, select a chart type from the list.