sp_gettopologyinfo (Transact-SQL)
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sp_gettopologyinfo (Transact-SQL)

Applies To: SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016 Preview

Topic Status: Some information in this topic is preview and subject to change in future releases. Preview information describes new features or changes to existing features in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2).

Returns information about a peer-to-peer transactional replication topology. Execute sp_requestpeertopologyinfo to collect information before you execute this procedure.

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sp_gettopologyinfo [ @request_id = ] request_id

[ @request_id= ] request_id

Is the ID of a topology status request. request_id is int, with a default of NULL. To obtain an ID, use the @request_id output parameter from sp_requestpeertopologyinfo or query the MSpeer_topologyrequest system table.

sp_gettopologyinfo returns a result set that has a single XML column. The data in the XML column is the same as the data in the MSpeer_topologyresponse system table.

0 (success) or 1 (failure)

sp_gettopologyinfo is used in peer-to-peer transactional replication. Execute sp_requestpeertopologyinfo before you execute sp_gettopologyinfo. These procedures are used by the Configure Peer-to-Peer Topology Wizard, but they can also be used directly if you require topology information in an XML format. If you prefer tabular results, query the MSpeer_topologyresponse system table.

Requires membership in the sysadmin fixed server role or db_owner fixed database role.

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