MSpeer_conflictdetectionconfigresponse (Transact-SQL)


Applies To: SQL Server

Used in peer-to-peer replication to store each node's response to a topology wide configuration request. This table is stored in the publication database.

Column nameData typeDescription
request_idintIdentifies a conflict configuration request entry in the MSpeer_conflictdetectionconfigrequest table.
peer_nodesysnameName of the server instance that generated the response.
peer_dbsysnameSubscription database at the peer that generated the response.
peer_versionsysnameIdentifies the version number of the Publisher.
peer_db_versionsysnameIdentifies the version number of the peer database.
is_peerbitIndicates whether a node is a read-only Subscriber. A value of 0 indicated a read-only Subscriber.
conflict_detection_enabledbitIndicates whether conflict detection is enabled for the topology.
originator_idvarbinary(16)Identifies each node in the topology for the purposes of conflict detection. For more information, see Conflict Detection in Peer-to-Peer Replication.
peer_conflict_retentionintTime period, in days, that metadata is stored in conflict tables.
peer_subscriptionsXMLInformation about the node that responded to the request.
progress_phasenvarchar(32)Identifies the current phase of processing, by using one of the following values:


Peer version collected

Status collected
modified_datedatetimeDate and time that a phase was completed.

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