InstanceOf (geometry Data Type)

A method that tests if the geometry instance is the same as the specified type. Returns 1 if the type of a geometry instance is the same as the specified type, or if the specified type is an ancestor of the instance type; otherwise, returns 0.

.InstanceOf (geometry_type )


Is an nvarchar(4000) string specifying one of 12 types exposed in the geometry type hierarchy.

SQL Server return type: bit

CLR return type: SqlBoolean

The input for the method must be one of the following: Geometry, Point, Curve, LineString, Surface, Polygon, GeometryCollection, MultiSurface, MultiPolygon, MultiCurve, MultiLineString, and MultiPoint. This method throws an ArgumentException if any other strings are used for the input.

The following example creates a MultiPoint instance and uses InstanceOf() to see if the instance is a GeometryCollection.

DECLARE @g geometry;
SET @g = geometry::STGeomFromText('MULTIPOINT(0 0, 13.5 2, 7 19)', 0);

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