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STTouches (geometry Data Type)

Returns 1 if a geometry instance spatially touches another geometry instance. Returns 0 if it does not.

Applies to: SQL Server (SQL Server 2008 through current version), Azure SQL Database.

.STTouches ( other_geometry )


Is another geometry instance to compare against the instance on which STTouches() is invoked.

SQL Server return type: bit

CLR return type: SqlBoolean

Two geometry instances touch if their point sets intersect, but their interiors do not intersect.

This method always returns null if the spatial reference IDs (SRIDs) of the geometry instances do not match.

The following example uses STTouches() to test two geometry instances to see if they touch.

DECLARE @g geometry;
DECLARE @h geometry;
SET @g = geometry::STGeomFromText('LINESTRING(0 2, 2 0, 4 2)', 0);
SET @h = geometry::STGeomFromText('POINT(1 1)', 0);
SELECT @g.STTouches(@h);

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