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MetadataService Enumerations

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The following MetadataService enumerations are supported.

AssociatedMenuBehaviorDescribes the behavior of the associated menu for a one-to-many relationship.
AssociatedMenuGroupDescribes the group for the associated menu for a one-to-many relationship.
AttributeRequiredLevelDescribes the requirement level for an attribute.
AttributeTypeDescribes the type of an attribute.
CascadeTypeDescribes the type of cascading for an attribute.
DateTimeFormatDescribes the formatting of a date/time attribute.
DisplayMasksDescribes how to display the attribute.
EntityItemsDescribes which entity data to retrieve.
EntityRelationshipTypeDescribes the type of relationship.
ImeModeDescribes the input method editor mode.
IntegerFormatDescribes the formatting of an integer attribute.
MetadataItemsDescribes which metadata to retrieve.
OwnershipTypesDescribes the type of ownership for an entity.
PrivilegeTypeDescribes the type of operation for the privilege.
SecurityTypesDescribes the type of security for a relationship.
StringFormatDescribes the formatting of a string attribute.

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