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AttributeType Enumeration (MetadataService)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The AttributeType enumeration type describes the type of an attribute.


[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Enum AttributeType
public enum AttributeType


NameValueMicrosoft Dynamics CRM TypeDescription
Boolean0CrmBooleanPropertySpecifies a Boolean attribute.
CalendarRules0x13DynamicEntityArrayPropertySpecifies an attribute that contains calendar rules.
Customer1CustomerPropertySpecifies an attribute that represents a customer.
DateTime2CrmDateTimePropertySpecifies a date/time attribute.
Decimal3CrmDecimalPropertySpecifies a decimal attribute.
Float4CrmFloatPropertySpecifies a float attribute.
Integer5CrmNumberPropertySpecifies an integer attribute.
Internal6Not mapped in the SDKSpecifies an internal attribute.
Lookup7LookupPropertySpecifies an attribute that is looked up from a list of entity instances.
Memo8Not mapped in the SDKSpecifies a memo (block of text) attribute.
Money9CrmMoneyPropertySpecifies a money attribute.
Owner10OwnerPropertySpecifies an attribute that represents the owner of an entity instance.
PartyList11DynamicEntityArrayPropertySpecifies an attribute that represents a list of people involved in an activity.
Picklist12PicklistPropertySpecifes a list of values displayed in a drop-down list. See Remarks.
PrimaryKey13KeyPropertySpecifies an attribute that is the primary key for an entity.
State14StatePropertySpecifies the state of an entity instance.
Status15StatusPropertySpecifies the status of an entity instance.
String0x10StringPropertySpecifies a string attribute.
UniqueIdentifier0x11UniqueIdentifierPropertySpecifies an attribute that is an ID.
Virtual0x12Not mapped in the SDKSpecifies an attribute that is created by the system at run time.


Mapping PartyList attributes requires special handling. If the metadata type is Picklist but the picklist contains object type codes, then instead of using PicklistProperty, you must use EntityNameReferenceProperty. You can determine if a Picklist attribute refers to an object type code by checking if the AttributeMetadata.DisplayMask property is equal to DisplayMasks.ObjectTypeCode.


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