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CrmService Class (CrmService)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Contains the common methods for the CrmService Web service.

The CrmService class inherits from SoapHttpClientProtocol and implements the IComponent and IDisposable interfaces. It exposes the following members.

CrmServiceInitializes a new instance of the CrmService class.

Instance MethodDescription
CancelAsyncFor internal use only.
CreateCreates an entity instance.
CreateAsyncFor internal use only.
DeleteDeletes an entity instance.
DeleteAsyncFor internal use only.
ExecuteExecutes business logic and special operations using messages.
ExecuteAsyncFor internal use only.
FetchRetrieves entity instances in XML format based on the specified query expressed in the FetchXML query language.
FetchAsyncFor internal use only.
RetrieveRetrieves an entity instance using the specified ID.
RetrieveAsyncFor internal use only.
RetrieveMultipleRetrieves a collection of entity instances based on the specified query criteria.
RetrieveMultipleAsyncFor internal use only.
UpdateUpdates an entity instance.
UpdateAsyncFor internal use only.

Instance PropertyDescription
CallerOriginTokenValueGets or sets the caller origin token.
CorrelationTokenValueGets or sets the correlation token.
CrmAuthenticationTokenValueGets or sets the authentication token.
UrlGets or sets the URL for the Web service.
UseDefaultCredentialsGets or sets a value that indicates whether to use the default credentials for the logged in user.

CreateCompletedFor internal use only.
DeleteCompletedFor internal use only.
ExecuteCompletedFor internal use only.
FetchCompletedFor internal use only.
RetrieveCompletedFor internal use only.
RetrieveMultipleCompletedFor internal use only.
UpdateCompletedFor internal use only.


Namespace: CrmService

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