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Working with Entities

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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These topics describe how to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities.

In This Section

Using Entity Names

Explains the naming conventions for entity and attribute names.

Accessing Entities and Attributes

Explains how to write code that uses entities and attributes.

Working with Custom Entities

Explains how to write code that uses custom entities and attributes.

Using CRM Attribute Types

Provides information about the attribute types that are used by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Using DynamicEntity to Access Entities at Runtime

Describes how to use the DynamicEntity class to access entities.

Finding the ID of an Entity Instance

Shows methods for finding the ID of an entity instance.

Data Validation and Default Values

Describes how data validation and default values are handled.

Related Sections

Entity Sample Code

Contains how-to sample code for working with entities.

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