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Duplicate Record Entity Capabilities

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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This entity represents a duplicate entity instance detected by the duplicate detection job.

The following illustration shows the entity relationships for this area. For more information, see Key to Entity Diagrams.

Duplicate record entity model

The class for this entity is duplicaterecord. For duplicate records, you can use the messages listed in the following table with the Execute method.

RetrieveUse this message to retrieve a duplicate record.

The entity instance to retrieve is specified in the TargetRetrieveDuplicateRecord class.

You can also call the Retrieve method.

RetrieveMultipleUse this message to retrieve a collection of duplicate records.

The query expression that describes the entity instances to retrieve is specified in the Query property of this request.

You can also call the RetrieveMultiple method.

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