Account Entities

Account Entities

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The account entity is one of the entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to which most other entities are attached or parented. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, an account represents a company with which the business unit has a relationship. Information that is included in an account is all relevant contact information, company information, category, relationship type, and address information.

The account entity can be a parent to almost any other entity. This includes another account.

  • An account can be a stand-alone entity.
  • An account can have only one account as its parent.
  • Accounts can have multiple child accounts.
  • Accounts can have multiple child contacts.

Account management is one of the important concepts of business-to-business customer relationship management (CRM) because an organization wants to see all the activities they have with another company. It is at the account level that all these activities come together.

The following illustration shows the entity relationships for this area. For more information, see Key to Entity Diagrams.

Account entity model

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