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Deploying a WCF Library Project

This topic describes how you can deploy a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service Library Project.

Deploying a WCF Service Library

A WCF service library is a dynamic-link library (DLL). As such, it cannot be executed on its own. It needs to be deployed into a hosting environment. For more information about this process, see Hosting and Consuming WCF Services.

A WCF service library can be deployed like any other WCF service. However, be aware that .NET Framework does not support configuration for DLLs. System.Configuration supports one configuration file per app-domain. The WCF service library project alleviates this limitation by providing an App.config file for the library during development. However, the App.config file is not recognized after deployment.

You have to move your configuration code into the configuration file recognized by your hosting environment. For self-hosting, you should copy the contents of the App.config file into the App.config file of the hosting executable. If you use IIS to host your service, you should copy the contents of the App.config file into the Web.config file of the virtual directory.

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