FindAddIns Method (Type, PipelineStoreLocation)
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AddInStore.FindAddIns Method (Type, PipelineStoreLocation)

Finds all add-ins for a specified host view of the add-in at a location specified by the PipelineStoreLocation enumeration value.

Namespace:  System.AddIn.Hosting
Assembly:  System.AddIn (in System.AddIn.dll)

public static Collection<AddInToken> FindAddIns(
	Type hostViewOfAddIn,
	PipelineStoreLocation location


Type: System.Type

The type that defines the host's view of the add-in.

Type: System.AddIn.Hosting.PipelineStoreLocation

The host application's base directory.

Return Value

Type: System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection<AddInToken>
A collection of tokens that represent the add-ins that were found.


There is an access violation to the pipeline directory structure.

The PipelineStoreLocation enumeration currently contains only the ApplicationBase value, which points to the host's application base directory.

The following example finds add-ins at the location specified by the PipelineStoreLocation enumeration.

// Search for add-ins of type Calculator (the host view of the add-in) 
// specifying the host's application base, instead of a path, 
// for the FindAddIns method.

Collection<AddInToken> tokens = 

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