Troubleshooting Exceptions: System.IdentityModel.Selectors.UnsupportedPolicyOptionsException


An UnsupportedPolicyOptionsException exception indicates that a policy was provided to the system that includes options that are not supported. Restrictions that can cause these failures include the following:

A recipient has requested a token from the local security token service by specifying as the issuer of the token. However, one of the requirements specified in the policy is not supported by the CardSpace local security token service. For more information, see A Technical Reference for the Information Card Profile V1.0. Examples of unsupported options include the following:

  • A claim requested by the recipient is not in the list of supported claims specified in the Supported Claim Types section of "A Technical Reference for the Information Card Profile V1.0."

  • The token type is something other than SAML 1.0 or 1.1.

  • For non-SSL sites, a key is not Symmetric.

  • The KeyWrapAlgorithm differs from the default algorithm.

  • An unsupported element is specified in the policy. The elements that are supported are the following:

    • EncryptionAlgorithm

    • CanonicalizationAlgorithm

    • SignWith

    • TokenType

    • ClaimsElement

    • KeyType

    • KeySize

    • EncryptWith

    • RequestType

    • SecondaryParameters

    • KeyWrapAlgorithm

  • wst:RequestType is not of type Issue.

  • For Asymmetric key types, a key size is not 2048.