JsonReaderWriterFactory.CreateJsonWriter Method (Stream)

Creates an XmlDictionaryWriter that writes data encoded with JSON to a stream using a UTF-8 character encoding.

Namespace:  System.Runtime.Serialization.Json
Assembly:  System.Runtime.Serialization.Json (in System.Runtime.Serialization.Json.dll)

public static XmlDictionaryWriter CreateJsonWriter(
	Stream stream


Type: System.IO.Stream
The output Stream for the JSON writer.

Return Value

Type: System.Xml.XmlDictionaryWriter
An XmlDictionaryWriter that writes data encoded with JSON to the stream from an XML Infoset.


stream is null.

The default character encoding used here is UTF-8. If you want to specify a different character encoding, use one of the other two overloads for this method.

When the writer is closed, the stream is closed by this overload as well. If you do not want the stream to be closed by the writer when it is done, then use the CreateJsonWriter(Stream, Encoding, Boolean) overload where this behavior can be specified.


Supported in: 5, 4, 3

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