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System.Runtime.Serialization.Json Namespace

Provides classes related to Json serialization.

  Class Description
Public class Supported by Portable Class Library DataContractJsonSerializer Serializes objects to the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and deserializes JSON data to objects. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class DataContractJsonSerializerSettings Specifies DataContractJsonSerializer settings.
Public class JsonReaderWriterFactory Produces instances of XmlDictionaryReader that can read data encoded with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) from a stream or buffer and map it to an XML Infoset and instances of XmlDictionaryWriter that can map an XML Infoset to JSON and write JSON-encoded data to a stream.

  Interface Description
Public interface IXmlJsonReaderInitializer Specifies the interface for initializing a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) reader when reusing them to read from a particular stream or buffer.
Public interface IXmlJsonWriterInitializer Specifies the interface for initializing a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) writer when reusing them to write to a particular output stream.
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