Fields Dialog Box - DataPagerField
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Fields Dialog Box - DataPagerField

The Fields dialog box lets you manage the pager fields that are displayed by the ASP.NET DataPager Web server control. The dialog box enables you to specify:

  • Which pager fields to display.

  • Template fields that enable you to create your own layout.

  • Field-specific information for an individual pager type, such as button type or image URLs.

After adding a field, you can set its properties. The properties that are available change according to what type of field you are working with.

To access the Fields dialog box, right-click the DataPager control in Design view, click Show Smart Tag, and then click Edit Pager Fields.

If the DataPager control is inside a ListView control, in order to right-click the DataPager control, one of the templates must be in edit mode. (You cannot use the EmptyDataTemplate template for this purpose.) To select a template for editing, right-click the ListView control, click Show Smart Tag and then select a template to edit in the Current View list. You can then access the DataPager control and follow the previous instructions.


The Current View option is available only if the LayoutTemplate and ItemTemplate templates are defined.

Available fields

Lists all pager fields that the control can display, divided into the following nodes:

  • Next/Previous Pager Field   Use to add a NextPreviousPagerField field that enables users to navigate through pages of data one page at a time, or to jump to the first or last page of data.

  • Numeric Pager Field   Use to add a NumericPagerField field that enables users to select a page of data by page number.

  • Template Pager Field   Use to create a pager field that contains any combination of HTML text and ASP.NET controls.

Selected fields

Displays a list of fields that you have selected that can be customized. When you select an item in this list, the Properties box displays the field's properties. Use the buttons next to the Selected fields box to rearrange or remove a field.


Enables you to customize the currently selected field.

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