Edit Columns Dialog Box (Design view)


The Edit Columns dialog box enables you change column properties for a control that supports this dialog box. Examples of controls that support this dialog box are the GridView and DetailsView controls.

To change column properties

  1. In Design view, right-click the control, and then click Show Smart Tag.

    The smart tag panel is displayed.

  2. Click Edit Columns.

    The Edit Columns dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select the fields, set the properties for each field, and then click OK.

UIElement List

Available fields

Specifies the fields that you can use to create columns. To add a field to the Selected fields list, select it and then click Add.

Selected fields

Specifies the fields to add as columns in the control. You can rearrange the fields by using the up-arrow, down-arrow, and delete buttons. When you select a field, its properties are displayed in the Field Properties window.

Auto-generate fields

Specifies whether a column should be automatically created for each column in the data source.

Field properties

Specifies the field properties for the selected field. You can specify whether to list the properties alphabetically or by category. Click the value box for each property to change its value. When you select a property, a description of the property appears underneath the Field properties window.

Convert this field into a TemplateField

Displayed when a non-template field is selected in the Selected fields list. Click the link to convert the selected field into a TemplateField field. A TemplateField field is a field that has a custom layout.