We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Format, Convert to Hyperlink Dialog Box

Visual Studio 2010

The Convert to Hyperlink dialog box enables you to convert a text string or image to any kind of hyperlink.

To convert a text string or image to a hyperlink

  1. In Design view, select the text string or image that you want to convert to a hyperlink.

  2. In the Format menu, click Convert to Hyperlink.

    The Hyperlink dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select the hyperlink type, enter the target URL, and then click OK.

    The text string is converted to a hyperlink.


Specifies the kind of hyperlink to create. Values are as follows:

  • (other)   Links to a file in the local Web directory.

  • file   Links to a file to download.

  • ftp   Links to an FTP server.

  • gopher   Links to a Gopher server.

  • http   (Default.) Links to a Web page.

  • https   Links to a secure Web page.

  • mailto   Links to a mail server.

  • news   Links to a news server.

  • telnet   Links to a telnet server.

  • wais   Links to a Wide Area Information Server.


Specifies the target URL for the hyperlink. You can type the URL or browse to a file in the solution.