What's New in Database Edition

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition includes several new or enhanced features, which this topic describes. In addition, Database Edition is now an integrated part of the installation for Visual Studio Team System. You no longer have to install Visual Studio Team System and then install Database Edition.

Team System 2008 Database Edition includes the features that were first released in Service Release 1 for Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. Those features include the following changes:

Overview of Files and Filegroups

Provides information about improved support for defining files, filegroups, and log files. You will also find information about the limitations of those features.

How to: Add Files and Filegroups

Describes how you can add files, filegroups, and log files to the database project. This topic also describes the limitations when you delete files, filegroups, and log files.

How to: Define Variables for Database Projects

Describes how you can define SETVAR variables that you can use in your pre-deployment and post-deployment scripts. For example, you can define SETVAR variables for a service broker or a service certificate.

Overview of Cross-Database References

Provides information about how to define and use references to objects in other databases or on other servers.

How to: Create Cross-Database References

Describes how you can add a reference to an object in another database, define related variables, and define database objects in terms of those variables.

How to: Rename References to a Server or Database

Describes how you can rename servers, databases, or the variables that represent names of servers or databases.

You can now specify table options and index options in the table and index definitions in your database project. For more information, see How to: Specify Table and Index Options.

You can now install Team Explorer directly from the same media that you used to install Team System 2008 Database Edition. Team Explorer is a client of Team Foundation and provides access to the functionality that is available with Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server:

  • Work Items

  • Team Projects

  • Team Documents

  • Reports

  • Team Builds

  • Source Control

Team System 2008 Database Edition includes a client access license (CAL) for installing and using Team Explorer. For information about how to install Team Explorer, insert the installation media for Team System 2008 Database Edition, open the root directory, open the TFC folder, double-click the file TFSInstall.chm, and read the topics under the node "Installing Team Explorer." For more information about Team Explorer, see Using Team Explorer.

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