Flash Driver FAL and FMD Model

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The flash media driver (FMD) is a device driver that performs the actual input and output of data to a flash memory device. An FMD contains all of the device-specific code necessary for read, write, and erase commands to the flash memory device. You can link the FMD with the flash abstraction layer (FAL) to create a block driver that a file system such as FAT can use. You can also link the FMD with a boot loader so that the boot loader can flash a run-time image.

How to Develop a Flash Media Driver

Explains the process of creating, debugging and loading a flash media driver.

How to Configure a Run-Time Image to Support a Flash Media Device

Explains how to configure a run-time image to support a flash media device.

Flash Media Driver Reference

Provides reference information for flash media drivers.

Power Management

Describes the power management capabilities provided by the Windows Embedded CE OS.

Flash Driver MDD and PDD Model

Provides information on flash drivers developed for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 and later.