Reserving Memory for Error Reporting Dumps

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Although Microsoft recommends that a minimum of 128 KB be reserved for dump files, target devices that run numerous processes or modules may require additional reserved memory. The amount of memory must be a multiple of the PAGE_SIZE (typically 4096 bytes) of the device.

The amount of memory reserved affects the kind of dump file that the Error Reporting system generates and saves. Typically, the Error Reporting system attempts to generate a system dump that includes all loaded processes, threads, and modules. However, if the size of the dump generated is larger than the size reserved, the Error Reporting system reverts to a much smaller context dump, which includes only information about the process that was running when the crash occurred.

To increase the chances of generating and saving a system dump for a Windows Mobile powered device, Microsoft recommends reserving 300kB for dump files.

For more information about the kinds of dump files, see Types of Crash Dump Files.

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