IReplicaKeyMap Interface
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IReplicaKeyMap Interface

Represents a mapping between replica keys and replica IDs.

interface IReplicaKeyMap : IUnknown

IReplicaKeyMap methods Description


Gets the replica key that corresponds to the specified replica ID.


Gets the replica ID that corresponds to the specified replica key.


Serializes the replica key map data to a byte array.

Because replica IDs repeatedly occur in the metadata for a replica and are suggested to be 16-byte GUIDs, Sync Framework represents replica IDs by using a map between replica IDs to 4-byte replica keys. Sync Framework then uses replica keys where references to particular replicas are required.

To obtain a new IReplicaKeyMap object, first create an IProviderSyncServices object by passing CLSID_SyncServices and IID_IProviderSyncServices to the CoCreateInstance function. Then, create an IReplicaKeyMap object by calling IProviderSyncServices::CreateReplicaKeyMap.

Header: Synchronization.h

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