Sync Services for File Systems

Microsoft Sync Framework is a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline access for applications, services, and devices. It features technologies and tools that enable roaming, sharing of data, and taking data offline. By using Sync Framework, developers can build synchronization ecosystems that integrate any application with any data from any store that uses any protocol over any network.

This is the documentation for Sync Services for File Systems. Sync Services helps an application synchronize files, folders, and subfolders in NTFS, FAT, or SMB file systems. The directories to synchronize can be local or remote and do not have to be of the same file system. The application can use static filters to exclude or include files either by listing them explicitly or by using wildcard characters (such as *.txt), or the application can set filters that exclude whole subfolders. The application can also register to receive notification of file synchronization progress.

For information about documentation for other Sync Framework components, see this Microsoft Web site.

In This Section

Getting Started Synchronizing Files

Describes the basics of using Sync Services for File Systems.

Controlling Which Files Are Synchronized

Describes the ways to control which files are included in the synchronization scope.

Reporting File Synchronization Progress

Describes the notifications that are used to report file synchronization progress to a registered application.

Detecting File Changes

Describes how changes that are made to files in the synchronization scope are detected.

How to: Synchronize Files by Using Unmanaged Code

Shows how to create an unmanaged application that uses Sync Services for File Systems to synchronize files.



Provides reference material for the namespaces, types and members in the Sync Services for File Systems managed API.

Sync Services for File Systems Components

Provides reference material for the interfaces, functions, and data types in the Sync Services for File Systems unmanaged API.