Metadata Management

In Sync Framework, metadata represents information about replicas and items. This information is used to track the knowledge that each replica contains so that synchronization can be performed. Typically, the provider handles all metadata management. However, depending on the type of the item store and the provider implementation, it might be more useful to implement a component separate from the provider to handle some of the metadata tasks on the replica, such as tombstone cleanup.

Metadata Details

Metadata Requirements

Describes the required metadata for each replica and the required metadata for each item that is to be synchronized.

Flexible IDs

Describes how to create and use flexible IDs, including global IDs.

Synchronization Versions

Describes the version structure that tracks the version of an item.

Managing Tombstones

Describes strategies for how to manage tombstones on a replica. Also, describes how the creation version and forgotten knowledge can help prevent problems that might occur when tombstones are cleaned up.

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