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Modeling and Mapping

In the Entity Framework, you can define the conceptual model, storage model, and the mapping between the two in the way that best suits your application. The Entity Data Model Tools in Visual Studio allow you to create an .edmx file from a database or a graphical model and then update that file when either the database or model changes. The EDM Generator, which is included with the .NET Framework, generates the .csdl, .ssdl, and .msl files from an existing data source. You can also manually create the model and mapping content. The topics in this section show how to define modeling and mapping files in the Entity Framework.

Read up on data modeling and the Entity Framework.
To define a conceptual model and configure the project.
Use EdmGen.exe
Use Entity Data Model Tools with Visual Studio.
To define a conceptual model that uses stored procedures.
To define inheritance in a conceptual model.
Table-per-type inheritance:

Table-per-hierarchy inheritance:

To define a conceptual model that denormalizes data.
To define a conceptual model for use with custom objects.
Review the sample models.

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