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How To: Issue a Trial or Evaluation License

An evaluation license is a non-commercial license and is available only for evaluation purposes. 

Note: This procedure includes only those steps to create an evaluation license with existing product and feature set details. If you need to add a product or add a new feature or feature set, see How To: Add a Product, Design a Feature Set, and Issue a Perpetual License


To Issue an Evaluation License 

  1. Click New Template License in the License section of the navigation pane.
  2. Click Non-Commercial, and then select the product. This establishes the license as a trial or evaluation license.
  3. Select a product from the Product list (required). The screen refreshes to populate the product information from the database.
  4. Select a Feature Set (required) or individual features. An empty default feature set is provided. You can proceed to issue a license without specifying a feature set or features, but it is not recommended.
  5. Click the calendar icon next to the Start Date field to change the date.The Start Date is automatically populated with the current date.
  6. Change the Concurrent Usage Limit to 5. This restricts the number of users who can access that feature at the same time to five instances of it.
  7. Select either Expiration Days or Expire Date and enter in the desired value.
  8. Change the Total Usage Limit field to 3.
  9. Change the Grace Period (days) to 30.
  10. Click Renewable box if you want to enable the evaluation license for renewal.
  11. Click Gather Execution Count to gather statistics about application usage frequency. Optional.
  12. Leave the Locking option set to Machine.
  13. Add a description for the license, and leave the default settings.
  14. Click Issue License.
  15. Click Copy To Clipboard, and record the activation key for later use when activating the application or to send the activation key to the customer, depending on your activation process.
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