PreConnect:Completed Event Class


The PreConnect:Completedevent class indicates when a LOGON trigger or the Resource Governor classifier function finishes execution.

Data column nameData typeDescriptionColumn IDFilterable
SPIDintThe ID of server process that fires this event.12Yes
EventSubClassint1 for the user-defined classifier function.21Yes
StartTimedatetimeThe time when the user-defined classifier function starts.14Yes
EndTimedatetimeThe time when the user-defined classifier function starts.15Yes
DurationbigintThe amount of time, in microseconds, used by the classifier function.13Yes
ObjectIDintThe ID of the user-defined classifier object.22Yes
CPUintCPU usage in milliseconds.18Yes
ReadsintThe number of logical reads.16Yes
WritesintThe number of logical writes.17Yes
GroupIDintThe ID of the classified workload group.66Yes
ErrorintThe last error number if the user-defined classifier function fails to execute.31Yes
StateintThe state of the last error.30Yes
TargetUserNamesysnameThe return value (workload group name) for the user-defined classifier function if the system can not find a corresponding active group. Otherwise, this column is set to NULL.39Yes
ObjectNamenvarchar(256)The two-part name of the classifier user-defined function. For example, dbo.classifier.34Yes

Extended Events
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