Specify Column Mapping Dialog Box (Mining Accuracy Chart)

Use the Specify Column Mapping tab to select tables from an external data source and map the columns to a data mining model. You can then use the external data to test the accuracy of a mining model and displays the results in the accuracy chart.

For more information: Tools for Charting Model Accuracy (Analysis Services - Data Mining), Validating Data Mining Models (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Mining Structure

Displays the selected mining structure that contains the model that you will test.

Select Structure

Click to open the Select Mining Structure dialog box and select a different mining structure.

Select Input Table(s)

Displays the selected input tables that are used to generate the lift chart. Select the table that contains the test data that you will use to test the accuracy of the models.


If the pane does not contain any tables, click Select Case Table to add tables from a data source view.

Remove Table

Removes the selected table. This button is disabled if a table has not been selected or if no tables are displayed in the Select Input Tables list.

Select Case Table

Click to open the Select Table dialog box and select a data source view.

Note   This button appears only if a case table has not been selected. To enable the button so that you can select a different case table, clear the list by selecting all existing tables and then clicking Remove Table.

Select Nested Table

Opens the Select Table dialog box. This button appears only if a case table has been selected. If the associated mining structure does not contain a nested table, this button is disabled.

Modify Join

Opens the Specify Nested Join dialog box. This button is active only if the nested table is selected.

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