ModifyUser Message

ModifyUser Message

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Modifies a specific user account in a conference center.

Component Type

XML Element





A caller must be a member of the Administrator role.

This message can be used to change the userID value. This message has the same semantics as the ModifyUserProfile message except for the user context.

Important noteImportant

ModifyUser can be called on a conference center hosted by Microsoft Online. However, certain user attributes and options must not be modified . For more information about restricted attributes and options, see Using the Live Meeting API with Microsoft Online-Hosted Live Meeting Service.

All the changes for the CreateUser API holds true for both the ModifyUser and ModifyUserProfile APIs, as the following list shows:

  • Users can modify their own member default values using ModifyUserProfile, which is used while creating further new meetings. These new member default options are enableRecordingExpiration, recordingExpirationTimeAmount, recordingExpirationTimeType, enableAudioVOIP, enableClientRecordingPresenter, andenableClientRecordingAttendee.

  • Administrators can modify the member default values using ModifyUser for new options for any member in the conference center. These new member default options are enableRecordingExpiration, recordingExpirationTimeAmount, recordingExpirationTimeType, enableAudioVOIP, enablePersonalRecordingPresenter, and enablePersonalRecordingAttendee.

All other modify options have not changed.

This example shows how to change the password of a user, enable all conference modalities, and add the user to a new group.

The following code shows a request sent to a conference center.

<PlaceWareConfCenter authUser="apiuser" authPassword="Pa$$w0rd">
  <ModifyUserRequest userID="bill">
       <StringOption name="password" value="NewPa$$w0rd"/>
       <BooleanOption name="ecrAnnotationsPrivilege" value="True" />
       <BooleanOption name="ecrChatPrivilege" value="True" />
       <BooleanOption name="ecrHandoutsPrivilege" value="True" />
       <BooleanOption name="ecrQAPrivilege" value="True" />
       <BooleanOption name="ecrSharednotesPrivilege" value="True" />
       <BooleanOption name="ecrTextpagePrivilege" value="True" />
       <BooleanOption name="ecrWhiteboardPrivilege" value="True" />

The following shows a reply from the conference center when the corresponding request is processed successfully.


The Live Meeting Manager enforces stricter password requirements than the Live Meeting service API. These requirements include a minimum password length of six characters that consist of at least one alphabetic character and one digit. To ensure compatibility with the Live Meeting Manager and optimize performance, you should create a password that meets the requirements enforced by the Live Meeting Manager. For more information about password requirements, see the Live Meeting User Interface Considerations discussion in String Restriction and Transformation.

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