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MassTransfer Message

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Mass transfer is a mechanism to transfer bulk data by issuing an HTTPS GET or POST on a resource to which a URL points. The resource URL is provided by a conference center in a GetURLReply element.

Component Type

XML Element


HTTPS GET or POST applied to URL returned from a GetURL message call.



Mass transfer is useful for downloading resources such as meeting recordings from a conference center or uploading resources such as presentation slides to a conference center.

Performing mass transfer is a two stage operation:

  1. Retrieve the URL of a resource. A client application posts a GetURLRequest message to a conference center. The desired resource is specified in this request element. For downloading, if the resource exists, the conference center responds with a GetURLReply element. For uploading, the conference center creates a URL as the address of the to-be-uploaded resource and returns the URL in a GetURLReply element. The programming pattern in this stage is the same as with sending and receiving any other XML messages.

  2. When the URL is obtained, the client application calls an HTTPS GET against the returned URL if the resource is to be saved to a local hard disk drive. The client application needs to handle the response stream (that is, the resource) as part of the HTTPS GET call. For uploading, the client application calls an HTTPS POST against the URL and sends a local resource to the conference center in the request stream. The conference center sends back the status of the operation in a MassTransferReply element.