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EnumerationOption Element

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Represents one option that chooses a value from an enumeration. The choice is a string; the enumeration is a list of one or more unique strings. The choice must be equal to exactly one string in the list with case-sensitive comparison. The strings in the list and their order determine the type of the enumeration option. EnumerationOption elements must exactly match the type specified with each option.

    name = "string"
    value = "string">

The following sections describe attributes, parent elements, and child elements.




string type. Length range 1-255 characters.

Specifies the name of the option.


string type. Length range 1-1023 characters.

For a Create or Modify operation, this is the value of the EnumerationOption set.

For a Get or List operation, it is the value that has been set. The value must match values specified in the String child elements.

Parent Element





Child Element




1 or more

Any child elements, if present, must be in the order shown in the Child Element table. When the EnumerationOption element is used in a request, the value attribute must be present. The String child elements must be present and contain the full list of all possible enumeration values. An EnumerationOption element with only a value attribute specified and no child String elements invalidate the containing request.

The following code specifies the color settings for application sharing and, when used as part of a CreateUserRequest element, sets the default value for this option. All meetings the user creates use the value of this option.

<EnumerationOption value="256Color" name="applicationSharingColor">

The type of this enumeration is applicationSharingColor. The order of strings in the enumeration cannot be changed. Reversing the order produces a different type that does not match.