This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compatibility Issues in Live Meeting API for Live Meeting 2007 with Previous Versions

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

Be aware of the following backward compatibility issues:

  • For users of Live Meeting 2003: The infoA and infoP parameters, which are used in CreateMeeting and ModifyMeeting, are changed.

    The infoA and infoP parameters were previously used to store conference call phone number for attendees and presenters. These parameters are no longer exposed through the Live Meeting user interface. If you upgrade a Live Meeting 2003 conference center to Live Meeting 2005, the information in the infoA and infoP fields (if any) are copied, one time only, to the new fields audioParticipantCode and audioLeaderCode, respectively.

    The audioParticipantCode and audioLeaderCode fields have a different length than infoA and infoP, and they do not support alphabetic characters. As a result, it is not guaranteed that, when these fields are copied, the copied data passes the content validation tests of the audioParticipantCode and audioLeaderCode parameters. Developers and meeting owners (with memberships in the Organizer and Administrator roles) should verify the content of audioParticipantCode and audioLeaderCode post-upgrade by viewing the Meeting Options page for each meeting and by viewing the Meeting Preferences page for each user.


    By default, the infoA and infoP fields are not enabled in the Web-based Live Meeting Manager interface. If you plan to use the Web-based interface to verify the results of your messages, ensure that these two fields are enabled. As an administrator, you can enable these options. In the Live Meeting Manager interface, on the Account menu, click Account Preferences, click Default Preferences, and then click Allow additional audio information.

  • For users of Live Meeting 2003: The URL for Live Meeting conference centers that is displayed in a meeting invitation and that the invitee uses as the entry URL is changed.


    URLs that refer to should be changed to refer to

    If a client application uses as the beginning of a GetPostingURL request, that GetPostingURL request should still work, but the returned URL contains the prefix. You should rewrite your GetPostingURL requests to use the new prefix at your earliest convenience.

  • For users of Live Meeting 2003: Supported values for the timeZone parameter are changed.

    The three-letter names that are supported in Live Meeting 2003 (such as EST for Eastern Standard Time) are not supported in Live Meeting 2005. To find the supported value for a specific time zone, run the ListTimeZones command and find your time zone in the list. Use the value from the ListTimeZones id reply as the value for the timeZone parameter.

  • Some string parameter values have restrictions on the supported characters.

  • The publishNetShow, publishRealAudio, publishNetShowUserDefault, and publishRealAudioUserDefault parameters are now permanently set to False and cannot be edited.

    These formats are no longer supported and are maintained solely for backward compatibility. Any references to these formats should be removed from a client application.

    These parameters are used in the following messages:

  • GetConferencingServiceData Message

  • CreateMeeting Message

  • ModifyMeeting Message

  • CreateUser Message

  • ModifyUser Message

  • ModifyUserProfile Message

  • GetUserProfile Message

  • GetUserProfile7 Message

  • The newMid attribute is no longer supported for the ModifyMeeting command.

    Live Meeting honors ModifyMeeting requests that contain the newMid attribute, but it ignores this attribute. If the modification is successful, a new meeting ID (mid) is not created.

  • The groupsCanHoldGroups option of GetConferencingServiceDataReply has is deprecated in this version of the API. While the option is still present in the element, the value assigned to the option is always False.

  • The ListRecordings and ListRecordingVisitors messages are deprecated.

    In the Live Meeting service API for Live Meeting 2007, the ListRecordings and ListRecordingVisitors messages work as specified in Live Meeting API for Live Meeting 2005, except that errors are reported as specified in Error and Status Messages. New applications should use ListRecordings4 Messageand ListRecordingVisitors4 Message instead.